Shank Shore, An “Open World” 2D RPG In Prison

Prison seems to be a hot topic in video games lately. Now, developer Humanatee Studios has joined the ranks of this genre with the announcement of PC title, Shank Shore.

This 2D roleplaying game (RPG) with comic strip visuals takes place in Shank Shore Penitentiary, which is an awful name for a correctional facility. In this world, you embody one of many prisoners just trying to survive in the aggravated domain that is the Americanized prison system.

There will be a story mode that spans across three different characters, which each have their own fighting style. Decisions during your playthrough may alter results.

Naturally, there will be some combat involved in Shank Shore. Yet, it’s going for a more traditional approach with turn-based battles.

Like any game these days, you’ll also be able to craft weapons and other items from things you scraped together. It is fitting of the bricolage culture within prison walls, where you need to come up with creative solutions.

Since this is an RPG, you’ll be able to upgrade your character with a few items. Moreover, there’s a reputation design that follows gangs and officers.

Ironically enough, Shank Shore is also an open world title. It happens within the confines of the penitentiary though, but that’s quite the pairing to have.

Finally, the game has a 25 to Life mode, which will throw in roguelike elements, such as random events and permadeath.

Shank Shore is made with the Game Maker development tools. It’s an extremely popular engine that has facilitated a large selection of known titles already, such as Hotline Miami, Spelunky and Gunpoint.