How PS4’s Share Play Works In WWE 2K15

Earlier this month Sony announced that the release date of PS4’s firmware update 2.0 would be in Fall 2014 and it will be bringing with it one of the most awaited features since the announcement of the console, Share Play.

Share Play will allow players to play games their friends own, without having the need to purchase it themselves.

Naturally, this mode will affect a lot of multiplayer games, including WWE 2K15. Friends will be able to play the game’s offline mode by taking turns virtually against the AI in modes like exhibition and Royal Rumble.

The Universe mode will allow players to either pass on the controller to their friends virtually or join them and play tag team matches together.

Just like other games, players can get stuck in some match against a particularly tough opponent which is where friends come in.

If a friend has already defeated that opponent, or is generally better at such games, players can use the Share Play feature and let their friend have a go at defeating the opponent and take control after the match is over.

WWE 2K15 is set to be released on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One 28th October and if the professional wrestler John Cena is to be believed, according to this teaser video, he will be personally involved with the game in some pretty significant capacity.