Hyrule Warriors Demo is Playable on Wii U at Some Best Buy Stores

Are you jealous that it has already been 10 days since people in Japan have Hyrule Warriors but you still have to wait for a month or so? Would a Hyrule Warriors demo help in that regard? We have picked up word that a demo for the Wii U is currently available at some Best Buy stores.

The news was kicked off by a Reddit thread that was started by a fan of Hyrule Warriors who couldn’t wait to get his hands on the game.

According to him, Hyrule Warriors demo is playable at least at one Best Buy location in Oregon where you can pick Link, Zelda or Midna in a typical Wii U demo placed along other games that have a demo option available.

Another user also reported on the same thread that a Best Buy store in Windsor, Ontario, Canada also updated their Wii U demo kiosk to include the game. It is also there in Tucson, Arizona and might be available at many other stores that have a Wii U display.

However, so far the Hyrule Warriors demo has not been put up on the Nintendo eShop and it still is a question whether that will happen in the future or not.

A GameStop outlet in Detroit also has the demo. Have you stumbled across the Hyrule Warriors demo at any other place?

Let us know so that the word can spread. That being said, the game is slated for a release in Europe, Australia and North America on September 19, 20 and 26 respectively. The game is already available in Japan.