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Dark Souls 2: 1 GB Patch Brings The Crown Of The Old Iron King DLC

Dark Souls 2 players on Windows PC and Xbox 360 will get the second part of the three Crown DLC tomorrow while the PlayStation 3 owners will get it a day later.

Each part of the Three Crowns DLC alludes to each of the Three Crowns owned by King Vendrik. 

In Crown of the Old Iron King, players will enter a massive tower engulfed by a black mist. You will have to go through confusing and misleading paths, brimming with smoke, mist and sorcery.

The Update will nerf numerous spells including Crystal Soul Spear. You can check out a rough translation of the original Japanese patch notes here.

Furthermore, some changes and fixes have been made, according to the patch notes “In the Undead Crypt, corrected problem where the bell that summons the Leydia Pyromancers no longer rings if you hit it repeatedly.”

  • In online multiplayer, critical damage against other players is reduced.
  • Weapons, armor, other equipment, and spells are all generally re-balanced. Below for information.

Spellcasters were not happy with the previously released Calibrations Patch which reduced sorcery damage in the game and with this update, fans might not have to worry about reduced spell damage.

Reddit user ‘mauvecow’ has done a new translation of the original Japanese patch notes and says that all of the statements referring to reduced spell damage actually just mean reduced poise damage.

How true is this translation? We will have to see when the patch goes live tomorrow. What do you have to say about this new DLC and changes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!