Choosing Kevin Spacey For Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Why?

We all are glad that Sledgehammer Games and Activision decided to involve Kevin Spacey in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare; for his presence gives it a definite edge. However, it wasn’t until now that the publisher discussed how they ended up with Spacey in the first place.

The chief executive officer of Activison, Eric Hirshberg revealed the reasons why they decided to stick with Spacey and why exactly he got interested in the role of Jonathan Irons.

There have been great actors involved with games before, but [Kevin Spacey’s] a two-time Academy Award winner, and it’s more than just him standing in front of a microphone and giving the voice, this is full performance capture…I think he is bringing another level of emotional impact to a game, than we’ve ever seen before.

We sat down with him and described the character to him, described the narrative, and first and foremost, I think he responded to that, but also when you sit down with him and say ‘this is how many people you’re going to reach, here’s the kind of engagement we get with this content,’ it’s pretty compelling.

We know that Call of Duty Advanced Warfare builds on soldiers working for a private company, Atlas (that Spacey runs), instead of the government. This is a deviation from the COD tradition but I am sure most of us are highly interested in seeing all this play out – especially when such an iconic actor is involved.

In the end, here a question for you: would you be watching House of Cards because it has Kevin Spacey the guy who acted in Advanced Warfare, or would you play Advanced Warfare because it has House of Cards’ Frank Underwood ?