Fortnite Adds “Director’s Commentary” To Explain Classes, Resources and More

Epic Games has released a video of its upcoming online crafting-survival title Fortnite in which the developer has provided a valuable commentary to highlight key aspects.

The video isn’t new and was released last month by the developer. However, Epic Games must feel that the four-minute clip requires further clarification and hence has re-released the video, but this time with the added director’s commentary explaining everything.

The new clip spans to about 10 minutes and features systems designer Cameron Winston and community manager K.L. Smith.

Together they break down the classes and explain how resources are harvested and used. Later the developers also bring to light the best places to lay traps and defenses and the capabilities of enemies which spring out at night.

Fornite is a free-to-play game for the PC which combines the elements of crafting, role-playing, shooting and survivability.

Players are tasked with fortifying themselves during the day to live out the night. Each class brings some advantage to the table and hooking up with other players helps gather resources faster and hence build fortifications quicker.

The game has been accepting signups for its alpha but Epic Games has yet to announce any beta dates or even a full release for that matter. The game has already been delayed.