What is Bloodborne’s Regain System? Details on New Characters, Weapons and Areas

From Software has updated the official website of Bloodborne as it now displays information on multiple aspects of the game.

A very exciting feature called Regain System will be a part of the game and will test your speed in attacks. Check out the whole description of this new feature given below:

Sometimes the best defense happens to be a good offense. In the event that you manage to get hit by an enemy attack and take damage, if you manage to strike back within a limited time window, you can get a morsel of your lost health back. This new Regain system introduces a strategic twist to defense that makes fighting to the death an ever-tempting proposition.

In addition to that, the website reveals bunch of information about the game’s weapons, which we saw in detail in the concept art that was released just couple of days ago.

Furthermore, information on two new areas called Cathedral District and Hemwick Cemetery District are shared and both of these places will test your resolve in the upcoming title.

Details on some of the game’s characters have also been revealed – first off is the Hunter Gascoigne who is a veteran soldier, second up is the Clergy Beast who is a huge creature, then there are three groups:

  • Hunting Horde
  • Wheelchair Horde
  • Carrion Crows

You will encounter all three of these groups and the characters mentioned above, as you journey through the fictional city of Yharnam in the game.

Bloodborne is scheduled to release in the first quarter of 2015, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation Japan