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The Mystery of 7780S Term In P.T Silent Hills Solved by Kojima

Developer of the upcoming Silent Hills game has finally revealed the meaning behind the term 7780s in the P.T demo. Released during Gamescom, the playable interactive demo surely scared a number of fans but in the end revealed itself to be “Silent Hills”

Answer came while he spoke about the game in a Konami video. It turns out that 7780 translates into a postcode of particular location, the “Shizuoka” region of Japan.

The name is roughly translated as Quiet Hills and the region’s name has become a nickname for Silent Hill in its native country. Kojima said just add an “S” in the end and complete the term “Silent Hills”

This is probably not the only hidden secret within the P.T demo. You can try Out the P.T demo on your PlayStation 4 and attempt to solve some more in-game mysteries yourself.

And if you are also a fan of AMC The Walking Dead in addition to Silent Hill like me, than this installment in the long running series is a must have, because it is featuring none-other than The Walking Dead Star Norman Rudess as the protagonist (Mind Blown!!).

No release date or platform other than PlayStation 4 are mentioned yet. The game is expected to release sometime in 2016 and is powered the Fox Engine also used the developed of Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain.

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