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Swing Copters Clones Removed by Google from Google Play

Did you get tired of the Flappy Bird clones that came in dozens in the past months? Well, it looks like Swing Copters was also getting the same treatment. Dozens of clones were made that urged Google to act on it. Almost all of the clones have now been removed.

As if it is tradition, each game that the Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen puts up on Google Play is bound to get tons of clones.

Seemingly, the success and departure of Flappy Bird had left small developers turning into copycats with a hope that the Vietnamese developer might act out again and take off his latest game leaving their clones with an opportunity to cash in on it.

This led to his latest game, Swing Copters being welcomed to the store by a flood of clones. This was apparently done by the developers who saw the anticipation people had for the upcoming game by Nguyen. As a result, their copies were up and running on Google Play even before the real thing hit the floor.

You would see all the weird (and sometimes lame) titles like Swinging Copters, Copters Swing, Swing Copters 2, and so on. In fact, even now there is one weird game titled ‘Obama Copter.’

However, the real game by GEARS Studio is now on top of the list and enjoying the prominent position that it should on the store.

That being said, have you tried out Swing Copters yet? I am sure it is going to have a touch of Flappy Bird in it. if you haven’t, you may download it from Google Play now.