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PS4 CE-33945-4 Glitch has been Fixed According to the Officials

At Gamescom this year Sony revealed that the company has sold over 10 million PS4 units in the past nine months.

Even Sony couldn’t have predicted that their fourth generation PlayStation console will get this amount of success and positive feedback.

Still, every electronics product comes with its fair share of issues. Though these issues might be isolated incidents but are enough to catch the eye of the media and Sony as well.

The latest of the problems include the PS4 error CE-33945-4. Which is a major glitch and has kept some users from buying and playing game on their PS4.

The news about the glitch came from a number of players reporting this issue on NeoGaf and Playstation forums.

Sony on the other hand took notice of the issue and a representative told Kotaku earlier this week saying that they have “made progress” towards finding a solution:

“We are aware of this account issue that has affected a very small number of users. We are currently investigating the cause of the issue and have made progress toward a possible solution.

But It seems as if solving this glitch wasn’t a big problem for Sony after all as another representative posted on PlayStation forum announcing that they have solved the issue.

Hey guys. This issue should now be resolved. Please try accessing your games again. If you are still having the issue try restoring licenses. If even after that you are still having issues, please let us know. Thanks!

Are you still experiencing this glitch? or is whatever Sony did worked? share your thoughts and views in the comments section below!