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PlayStation Home Being Shut Down on PS3 in 2015 for Japan and Asia

While I cannot ignore statistics that show PlayStation Home as not so overwhelming success, it must be agreed that the idea was surely worthy of the effort.

Back in 2007, Sony announced the virtual 3D social gaming platform and tried almost everything they could to make it prosper. However, it seems like the shining light is dwindling and that it is time to move on. PlayStation 3 users from Asia and Japan will be parting with the virtual world come March 2015.

The fact that there are over 31 million users who have registered themselves as members for the platform makes me question why would they not want to improve on it even more. Nonetheless, the decision has been made according to this report.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia has announced yesterday that PlayStation Home is slated for being shut down in the regions under their control. With regards to the plans it has also been decided that the sale of dedicated content will be discontinued to the members on September 24 of this year.

Naturally, if they are going down they would want to go down with a bang. A magnanimous farewell is planned in the shape of an event; the details of which will be revealed later.

As far as the North American and European members are concerned, they do not need to worry about anything as of this moment. We don’t know what might come their way in the future though.

We do not know about the specific reason behind the closure of PlayStation Home as Sony didn’t share any. Yet the changing preferences of the company sound like a probable cause. What do you think?