New Soul Sacrifice Delta DLC Brings Freedom Wars Crossover

Have you been playing a lot of games on you PlayStation Vita? How about getting two awesome games getting a crossover in the form of a new Soul Sacrifice Delta DLC? Yes, you will be getting new content in the game from Freedom Wars.

If you are here reading this story then you would probably know all about Soul Sacrifice Delta, otherwise here’s what you need to know.

Developed by SCE Japan Studio together with Comcept and Marvelous AQL, the game has been designed by Keiji Inafune the action adventure title was released as a PlayStation Vita exclusive back in early 2013.

As far as Freedom Wars is concerned, it is a critically acclaimed action role playing game again by SCE Japan Studio who developed it along with Shift and Dimps.

The collaboration content will be part of the new Soul Sacrifice Delta DLC that is going to bring the Freedom Wars boss Abductor Dione and some new spells as well as costumes to the PS Vita title. For now, the downloadable content has been confirmed for Japan only. Here’s hoping that the DLC goes westwards soon.

Check out the trailer above and tell us what you think of the new Soul Sacrifice Delta DLC and the crossover content with Freedom Wars.