Mario Kart Inspired Super World Karts Confirmed for Windows, OSX, and OUYA

The Mario Kart franchise has always been Nintendo’s system-seller and with the recent success of Mario Kart 8, many a people wished to see the franchise land on platforms other than Nintendo.

Of course, the company apparently doesn’t have any plans to do so, so an indie developer Paul Hamilton & One-Legged Seagull who proclaims itself Kart Games fanatic is creating a similar kart game in 16-bit called Super World Karts.

Having a wide array of indie cast of characters, the game has already made its way to Steam Greenlight and has a dedicated Kickstarter Page.

Currently, the developing team is targeting to bring the game on Windows PC, OS X, and OUYA, but more platforms are expected to be added soon if the stretch goals are achieved.

Inspired by racers I played as a kid, chiefly, the original Mario Kart game from the SNES, StreetRacer from the MegaDrive, and Wacky Wheels on the PC. It is something I’ve longed to do, and to do right.

Striving to create the perfect 16-bit variant of kart games, the game will not only have 1080p native resolution, 60 FPS, 16:9 aspect ratio – subject to availability, but also a ton of achievements and challenges. Furthermore, similar to Kart franchise, players will be able to unlock new characters, karts, and tracks as the progress through the game.

The game will also support different controllers like wireless Bluetooth joysticks, Xbox One/Xbox 360 controllers, OUYA controller, and more. We have also received a gameplay trailer which can be seen at the top of this post.

Targeted for March 2015 release window, check out the game’s Kickstarter for pledge rewards and more information!