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Lords Of The Fallen Video Explains Class Selection and Customization

Developer Deck 13’s upcoming action RPG Lords Of The Fallen was playable at Gamescom and fresh details regarding the character classes have been revealed. The game puts players in the boots of the Protagonist Harkyn.

It will allow you to alter Harkyn exactly the way you want him to be. You are free to make him strong and buff, turn him into a magical wizard or anything in between.

The hands-on demo shown at Gamescom gave the players choice between three pre-made options which included a strong but slow warrior, magical powers carrying Cleric or a stealthy Rogue who is pretty efficient with a dagger.

Each class will have a different spell tree which will be “Balanced around” that certain class. For example if you choose to be a warrior, the spells available to use will be somewhat different from other classes like Cleric or Rogue.

There are around 100 weapons to choose from in the game with eleven different move sets. The latest demo shown showcases one of the heaviest of weapons which Harkyn will be able to carry “The Great Hammer”.

The game does look quite similar to Dark Souls but gameplay is slightly fast-paced when compared to From Software’s Action RPG.

Lords of the Fallen is the story of convicted criminal, who is given a chance at redemption. Harkyn and his mentor, Kaslo are released from prison and headed on a mission to stop the attack on the human realm by a long ago defeated God “Rhogar Lords” and his army.

During his journey, he will form many strong alliances and will face even stronger enemies. Lords Of The Fallen will be released for PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on October 28 in North america and October 31 in Europe.

You can share your thoughts and views about the story in the comments section below and tell us what you feel about the game.


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