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Infamous: First Light Pre-Orders in Europe Were Cancelled Due to Clerical Error

Infamous: First Light Standalone DLC is going to launch in just a few days, however, some consumers who pre-ordered the game are reporting that they have received cancellation notifications from Sony.

Infamous: First Light

Thankfully, Sucker Punch took notice of this widespread and stated via their official twitter account that this pre-order has just affected the European customers, while the rest of the world will get their pre-orders on time.

The developers also apologized for this inconvenience and stated that players will be able to get their hands on the game in just four days.

Infamous: First Light will follow the story of Abigail “Fetch” Walker with Laura Bailey again providing the voice over.

North American consumers will be able to get their hands on this DLC starting from 26th of August, while Europe will get it after one day on 27th August.

Have you received similar kind of notification cancelling the pre-order of Infamous: First Light?

Source: NeoGAF, Reddit, Sucker Punch