GTA Online Flight School update 1.16 Brings More Money and RP Glitches

Here we go again! Fans of GTA 5 can now make unlimited money with a new glitch which has been shared by Youtubers iCandyTeddy and TwoDynamic and then there is another RP glitch that has been shared by iGamingnonstop.

Let’s start with the money glitch posted by TwoDynamic first. Though Rockstar has been pretty active to fix these type of issues but they just keep popping up. The unlimited money glitch came with the Flight School update 1.16 which you can see below (You will need to invite a friend into the game as well).

Now, if you like to work solo, another glitch will surely help you out. All you have to do is keep firing the rockets at the cement trucks spawning near the construction building, and you can make millions using this mission.

For full details on where and how to do this check out the video below:

In addition to making millions, update 1.16 came with another glitch which you can use to kill as many cops as you want and never get caught and in doing so level up the RP.

You will have to visit the area shown in the video above. After that get some stars by killing innocent bystanders or throwing grenades all around, your choice.

Once you have acquired a few starts enter the glitched door as shown in the video and move into the area which opens up to the road. And that’s it, you can now shoot cops as much you want without getting shoot back. Kill more and more cops and lose the wanted level to level up RP.

These glitches may sound fun but if we see the bigger picture, they can be fun spoilers for those who don’t like to use cheats and use shortcuts. So what’s your take on this never ending glitch framing? Share your views in the comments below.