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Destiny Developer Bungie Thinks Gameplay Comes First, Graphics Later

There is a lot of discussion going around nowadays regarding the benchmark of 1080p and 60fps and now Destiny developer Bungie has joined in on this conversation and they say that gameplay matters the most, not graphics.

These were the remarks of production director on Destiny Jonty Barnes, who stated:

I feel like as an industry, people are caring less and less about numbers, which is great. It always used to be about graphics, and though 1080p and 60Hz are still out there, and as platform providers get competitive around those things it seems to magnify the importance of it.

But it isn’t about that. It’s actually what is an awesome gameplay experience for the player and anything that gets in the way of the best player experience is baggage.

He is right about that as the gameplay does come first and even if the game looks really good and gameplay is just pathetic, then there is no point of the 60fps and 1080p.

However, since the arrival of new consoles people have been expecting the games to look really good because that is what next-gen is supposed to be.

Destiny despite having great visuals is gaining appraise around the world due to its incredible gameplay that just reels you in and doesn’t let go.

We will see how much success Bungie will be able to gain with its upcoming title Destiny, when it launches for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on 9th of September.

Source: Gamespot