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WWE 2K15 Gameplay Will Give Realistic Combat Experience, New Fatigue System and More

WWE 2K15 is going to release in just couple of months from now so the developers have started to share gameplay information with us.

2K is looking to bring new life to the series with the latest entry and it looks like that they will able to succeed in that by taking small steps in the gameplay.

Now, the matches in the game will progress just like they do in real life as you will not be able to superslam and chokeslam your opponents right away.

In the start of the match, there is now a new chain grapple system, where a small rock paper scissors type of mini-game has to be played in order to decide who gets to grapple the opponent.

However, you will not be able to deliver big moves until a small amount of damage has been dealt to your opponent.

Furthermore, a new fatigue system has been added to the game as well which means that you will not be running around throughout the arena trying to escape the fight.

Instead, you will have to keep an eye on your fatigue and make sure that you have enough stamina left that you can see through the match until the end.

If you run out of stamina, then your superstar will not be able to deal the damage to the opponent, giving him a strong advantage over you.

Also, the weight of the superstars will also be taken into consideration this time around, as the light weighted superstars will not be able to lift the super heavyweights giving the game more realistic feel.

These new additions to WWE 2K15 are looking great, but we will see how much they manage to come together in final product when the game releases on 28th of October for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Source: Bleacher Report