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White PS4 Bundled With Destiny Available For Just £349.99

GAME is now offering PlayStation 4 white with a copy of Destiny at the price of just £349.99.

This is a great offer for anyone looking to purchase the Sony’s console and Destiny at the same time as you would be saving a lot of money with this bundle.

In addition to Destiny bundle, there are two other bundles available as well if you are interested, which are The Last of Us Remastered and Call of Duty: Ghosts bundles, and both of them are available at the price of £379.99.

Previously, all of these bundles were available at the price exceeding £400, but I think these discounts are given in the wake of Destiny, which is going to launch on 9th of September.

Sony is making great progress with PS4 as they announced at Gamescom that over 10 Million units have sold in less than a year of console’s release and bundle like the one available at GAME right now will surely help increase the sales figure even more.

However, this bundle is exclusive to GAME and Sony will also release a white PS4 in Europe later this year as Shuhei Yoshida stated:

In Europe, we’re going to launch the bundle with Destiny on September 9th.But after that, later this year, we’re going to release the white standalone PS4 as well in Europe.

Are you looking forward to purchase the white PS4 Destiny bundle from GAME?