Titanfall Back On Origin Game Time, Try It Out For 48 Hours

Titanfall, due to high demand from the fans has been added back to Origin’s game time and will be available to play for couple of days for free.

48 hours of time allotted by EA is quite a lot as it gives you enough time to try out multiple game modes and maps of the game so that you can get an idea if the game is worth your money or not.

Your time with the game will begin right after you launch the game for the first time after it has finished downloading, and whatever your progress will be at the end of the 48 hours’ time; it will be transferred to the full game if you decide to make the purchase.

Titanfall is one of the biggest FPS titles to release this year, and it has made its mark on all the platforms as it was one of the main reasons for an increase in the sales of Xbox One.

Even after few months of its release, the player-count of the game is constantly on the rise. If you were holding back on Titanfall, then now is your chance to try out the popular title from Respawn and decide for yourself.

Are you looking forward to try out the game, now that it is back on Origin game time?