Polytron and Fez Up For Sale as Phil Fish Quits Twitter Yet Again

Phil Fish, the controversial indie game developer is putting both his studio Polytron and indie IP Fez for sale. “I would like to announce that Polytron and the FEZ IP are now for sale. No reasonable offer will be turned down. I am done. I want out.”

The announcement came via his Twitter account which has since been closed as Phil has said he want to quit the gaming industry, yet again.

Phil has been part of a pretty ruthless war with vocal critics since he came back on the social media last month.

Yesterday he went on twitter to defend Depression quest developer Zoe Quinn in a series of tweets saying “ All you people attacking Zoe are coward. Attacking a Women the easiest way you can. Despicable cowards. All of you.” The way it looks, the incident has played a part in his decision.

Quin has been the subject of a hateful internet campaign after an ex partner posted a number of claims about her personal life online. Their attacks included a social media campaign against her and hacking of her Dropbox and Polytron’s Twitter account.

Furthermore, Fish branded the hacker and all the people attacking Quin as “cowards”, “subhuman little shits” and “ball-less manboobs” before going on to announce that he was cancelling unannounced projects and putting his studio up for sale.

However, this is not the first angry outbreak Fish have had on Twitter as he recently labeled YouTubers as “ Pirates” and directly attacking TotalBiscuit.

How this story is going to develop further remains to be seen. Do you think the attacks on Zoe Quin are justified? Do you think Phil did the right thing by defending her? Share your thoughts and opinions about the story in the comments below!