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Gothic Themed Action RPG “Exorcism” Heading to PS Vita

Russian developer Slush Games has revealed on its blog that it’s working on a new title which is a gothic styled RPG called “Exorcism”.

Slush Games also told Punk and Lizard that the title will also be coming to PlayStation Vita.

Considering the game has only been in development for six weeks but elements of the game are already coming together and starting to look amazing such as this initial UI layout.

As for the the story of the game, it takes place in gothic fantasy world where dark creatures terrorize the peaceful people. It is a dawn of dark age time when people can’t live their usual lives.

To protect those people, there are special forces called Exorcists and you play as one of them: the girl named Dana. She uses her crossbows and magic skills to wipe out this unholy mess.

Her goal is not only to defeat those undead enemies but destroy root of the problem and you will be helping her to find who is behind this terror.

The gameplay is described as “ Straightforward yet challenging and addictive”. The core gameplay is combined with heavy RPG elements.

Other features of the game include Great grim gothic atmosphere, Nice 3D graphics which push to limit modern devices, Loot drop, upgrades, many magic skills and tons of enemies Support for gamepads on all platforms including mobile, Very fun, simple, yet deep gameplay.

In addition, Slush Games said that they are interested in bringing the title to consoles as well but can not promise anything yet. No release date is mentioned at the moment but we will keep you updated as soon as the story develops any further. You can share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!