Endless Legend Adds Dragon Race And Big Update

As Endless Legend is packing on content, the game in Early Access on Steam now adds its penultimate faction, the Drakken. They will be the seventh out of eight races to fight for dominion on the planet Auriga.

There’s a trailer that introduces these creatures to the players of the 4X conquest strategy game. Drakken are a breed of venerable dragons, which can don armor and arms.

Their introduction sets their priorities: These dragons aren’t after wealth or power, nor do they claim to be of superior intellect. All they want is to preserve the land and that by any means necessary.

Units will make use of their fierce strengths to balance out their fewer numbers. Additionally, they can rely on their wings to scout areas much faster than others.

Prior to the release of the Drakken, more bestial creatures were only available in Endless Legend through minor faction encampments. Units like giant three-headed snakes require a lot of resources, but pack a superb punch in return.

Endless Legend

Endless Legend

Along with the previous to last faction, Endless Legend also updated its Beta build with a few tweaks. For instance, it will balance out the numbers of regions possible and add a few needed tooltips.

The artificial intelligence (AI) also receives an overhaul. Among the changes, AI can now buy things from the Marketplace, plan cities and attacks better and bribe out factions.

To prevent the overuse of bribing, costs have now increased. Experience for units will be altered as well.

There are so many more changes inbound in Endless Legend, which are available in a changelog.