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Dragon Age Inquisition: No Weapon/Armour Degradation or Class-Restricted Weapons

Dragon Age Inquisition development team took a new Q&A session with the community, primarily addressing combat/weapon related queries.

When asked whether weapon/armour will degrade over time, Daniel Kading stated that Thedosian merchants tend to provide their customers with lifetime guarantees – precisely, weapon/armour won’t degrade.

Now, although BioWare is trying to keep things simple, the said feature is receiving mixed reactions from the fan-base that are comparing it to older RPGs and Dark Souls games.

Since it’s impossible to make everyone happy, it might be a good idea to have armour/weapon degradation in Nightmare difficulty; just my two cents.

Anyway, another feature related to weapons that isn’t well received by a major chunk of community is class-restricted weapons. Those who have played Dragon Age: Origins will know that the game offered class-free weapons which changed in Dragon Age II and is now being implemented in DAI.

Furthermore, the ability to wield two swords lie only with a Rogue. Warriors do have the ability to wield two-handed weapons, sword and a shield, and duel-wielding daggers, but nothing else.

Coming to abilities, players will be able to map 8 different abilities on console which will all have different cooldown times. Players will be able to use them in combinations to reduce the cooldown time of a powerful ability.

And lastly, both mana and stamina will regenerate during the battle, but not health. While standing in the field, potions will serve as the only way of regenerating health aside from a few abilities that can be used to tactically regain health.

Dragon Age Inquisition releases on Nov. 18 for PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS3.