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DotaMon Mod is a Perfect Mashup of Dota 2 and Pokémon

Who would’ve thought that Dota 2 Workshop Tools will give birth to all sorts of crazy ideas! Here I was left awestruck with the concept of Dota/LoL crossover and someone introduced me to DotaMon.

Being developed by Sma11P1ays, DotaMon is a mod agglomerating Pokémon and Dota and is pretty remarkable!

DotaMon is essentially played in a 5 vs. 5 TDM format with a slight alteration. Instead of taking out enemy team’s Ancient, the battle takes place in two stages; the first stage revolves around capturing and training wild DotaMon (Pokémon) and the second stage is taking your wild Dotamon into the battle.

However, none of this is as simple as it sounds like. Instead of the three major lanes like in Dota 2, the map now comprises of 8 major areas serving as DotaMon(s) niche along with another area dedicated to final battle.

Players’ trainers replace champions having 6 abilities for catching and summoning DotaMon. As for DotaMon themselves, these creatures will have 4 Active abilities and 1 Passive ability. Furthermore, each of these creatures will start off at somewhere around Level 1-7 before hitting the level cap at Level 10.

A Dotamon will start with one targeted damaging ability – in this case, Magikarp starts with Splash. The next 3 abilities are unlocked depending on evolutions. Magikarp learns Surf at lvl 3, evolves into Gyarados at lvl 6, learns Twister at lvl 7 and then Hyper Beam at lvl 9. Most later moves will be skill shots to encourage an interesting final battle which will hopefully play similarly to Bloodline Champions.

DotaMon Gameplay

Coming to the items, the items will be more like Pokémon franchise than Dota and will be available as random drops as well as purchasable from the shops. These items range from Potions to Elemental Stones, using which a DotaMon will be able to evolve.

DotaMon Evolution

To know more about the DotaMon mod, read this Reddit Post by the creator himself!

With a wide array of 151 DotaMons, the mod is not yet available in Dota 2 Workshop since coding all the abilities for the DotaMon is a time consuming task, but the creator has promised that it will available for public soon.