Devolver Digital Brings A Fistful of Gun To PC In 2015

Zany developer Devolver Digital will be bringing indie project A Fistful of Gun over to PC on digital outlets like Steam, GOG and Humble in spring of 2015. And why yes, it is indeed a shooter, one of the top-down variety.

A Fistful of Gun is set in the western days, where everything was a free for all. It uses the currently popular pixel art style of bright colors with minimalist characters.

What’s interesting about this particular shooter is that each character has its own distinct control scheme. Rather than just relying on their different skills, A Fistful of Gun wants a special ways to handle each gunner.

There are 11 unique builds to choose from. Moreover, you can form a posse locally or online of up to 10 players to fight in this giant brawl. This is possible both in co-op and versus mode.

A Fistful of Gun will feature a story mode, as well as just an arcade option to blast as much as you can. Screens quickly fill up with bad guys, which may be a bit tricky to take out with the guns available in the olden days.

Originally, A Fistful of Gun started as a freeware title. You can still find a free download for its Alpha state on the right-hand side of developer Farmergnome’s site.

Devolver’s always colorful Fork Parker had some honest words about the upcoming release:

A Fistful of Gun is awesome and easily the second best western game ever made. Red Dead Redemption is still the best though. That game was incredible.

You got to know when you’re bested.