Destiny: White PlayStation 4 Bundle Unboxing

Destiny is scheduled for release in less than three weeks and by then the highly anticipated Destiny: White PlayStation 4 bundle will also be available for purchase.

The bundle, which will be available in limited quantities, will feature a copy of Bungie’s new action RPG title, 30 days of PlayStation Plus subscription, a white colored PlayStation 4 console with 500 GB of hard drive and a white DualShock 4 controller to match the console’s theme.

Earlier today, UK retailer GAME announced a discount on the White PlayStation 4 bundle where it is now being sold for the price of £349.99, the same price as a standard PS4. This bundle however is exclusive to GAME in the UK.

Elsewhere we also see retailer giant Amazon offer a standard black PlayStation 4 console bundled with a copy of Destiny for the price of £330.

A standalone version of the white PS4 is confirmed to be coming to Europe later this year, which will only help Sony increase its ever growing console sales lead over rival Microsoft.

Destiny is currently running at 1080p resolution on the PS4, while it is said to be achieving only 900p on the Xbox One.

According to a recent Bungie statement, the developer has been told by Xbox boss Phil Spencer to achieve the 1080p mark so as to bring it equal to the rival PS4 version.

Destiny and the PS4 bundle will be available September 9.