Arcade Flight Sim Vector Thrust Out On Early Access

After quite some time in development, Vector Thrust is ready for its Early Access release on Steam. Currently, the game published by Iceberg Interactive is available at a 10% discount of €13.49, instead of €14.99.

Fans of the Ace Combat flight series may especially enjoy this inspired title. It uses the same fast pace for its dogfights, but with a cel-shaded finish for a more colorful look.

There are multiple game modes in Vector Thrust. One of its main elements is a range of campaign missions, which should get more as development continues.

Additionally, the game has multiplayer planned for the full release, though it may not be up to code just yet. Its Early Access state is described as follows:

Multiplayer is functional but we will be looking to see how it holds up and enhance where needed.

Quite like the recent free release of Ace Combat Infinity on Playstation 3, Vector Thrust works with a variety of unlocked content. More aircrafts can be added to the roster by going through a Challenge Mode.

Also like the aforementioned, some missions go up against giant airborne units for some shock and awe. Ground units make up a part of the total as well.

Vector Thrust has a level editor for those willing to contribute to the game’s content. It’s possible to make your own mission, map or even host entirely new campaigns.

If you’re interested in the arcade flight title, you may want to jump on board sooner rather than later. As the game comes closer to a full release, the price will climb up to $24.99.

It’s nice to see the game finally make its way to the public. Originally, Vector Thrust was planned for release both digitally and in retail at the beginning of 2014.