Age of Wonders III To Get Golden Realms Expansion

Developer Triumph Studios is planning the first expansion for strategy title, Age of Wonders III. They’ll release the Golden Realms addition to the PC game on September 18, 2014.

There are three campaigns in Golden Realms, which comes with a new race as well. Halflings will join the battle, which rely more on luck and good spirits.

Of course, Halflings have their own units, such as ranged soldiers that shoot fireworks. There are additional creatures that will populate the lands as well, such as Mermaids and Dread Monkeys.

In Age of Wonders III, the empire is commandeered by a Hero character of a certain class. For the Golden Realms expansion, heroes will be able to discover 50 new magical artifacts to personalize their playing style.

It’s possible to wield new spells as well, mostly based on misdirection. For instance, it’s possible to warp equipment or alter the lines of combat to mess with people.

Partisan specialization in Golden Realms will bring guerilla warfare to the 4X conquest title. You’ll be able to conceal units and ambush others.

Aside from the campaigns, Age of Wonders III will receive two more scenarios in Golden Realms. Moreover, you’ll be able to find empire quests and mystical upgrades in the expansion, which yield some unique benefits.

Seals of Power will introduce a new victory condition. It works like King of the Hill, where you capture and retain control of certain areas.

Age of Wonders III will also receive cloud saves and Steam Workshop functionality at the same time. Content in the game is randomly generated and options exist to play both in singleplayer and multiplayer.