After Diablo, Phil Spencer Wants Bungie to Attain 1080p Resolution for Destiny on Xbox One

Bungie has revealed that head of Xbox division Phil Spencer wants them to push the Xbox One version of Destiny to 1080p resolution – which is on par with the PS4 version.

The earlier alpha/beta tests of the game ran at 1080p resolution on PS4, but only 900p on Xbox One. Now, although the difference isn’t huge, it seems like Spencer isn’t ready to settle down for something below full HD.

Speaking with MCV, Bungie’s lead concept artist Jesse Van Dijk and director of production Jonty Barnes stated that Spencer is striving hard to make sure the game runs at the same resolution as PS4 and offers a similar experience:

Phil Spencer is a great friend of ours, and has been putting great effort into making sure that the Xbox One edition of Destiny hits 1080p and is a great experience.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Spencer is making this kind of effort. Previously, after seeing an early build of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition running at 900p on Xbox One, Spencer told Blizzard that the current resolution was unacceptable. Not only this, but Microsoft worked closely with the developers to achieve the current resolution of 1080p.

These efforts being made by Spencer seem to negate what he stated previously about 1080p not being some mythical, perfect resolution and that frame rate holds far greater significance than resolution.

Nonetheless, it’s good to see the man striving hard to provide the best possible experience to his company’s fan-base.

Here’s to hoping that with only 18 days to go by, Bungie is getting close to its targeted resolution or the resolution that Spencer wants them to attain.

Destiny officially launches on Sept. 9 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, and PS3.

Source: MCV issue 801, Page 23. Friday 22nd August