The Crew Playground Trailer Highlights Open-World Racing

Ubisoft’s The Crew has been getting a lot attention lately and to cash in on the opportunity; the developers have released a new trailer of the game titled “Playground.”

The video showcases the opportunities of racing that players will have in the game as it is set in an open world, where players will be able to race anywhere they want (road and off-road).

Furthermore, this new trailer highlights some of the popular locations of USA, which can easily be turned into a racing zone. The video also shows challenges attached to the locations which will certainly add a new flavor to the traditional races.

As I have mentioned before, you can take your game’s crew everywhere for racing as there is no restriction and the whole country of USA is ready to be explored in the upcoming racing title.

With the Crew, Ubisoft is stepping out of the regular racing genre and is going to bring a new open world experience that will certainly pique the interest of many non-racing fans as well.

We will see how The Crew does in the market when it releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on 11th of November.