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Scalebound’s Design Decisions Will Not Be Influenced by The West, Says Spencer

Microsoft has clarified that the Xbox One’s popularity in the western region will in no way influence the design decisions for Platinum Games’ upcoming title Scalebound.

Replying to a fan who asked whether “the Xbox One system being popular mainly in the USA/UK influence your design decisions on ScaleBound?” Xbox head Phil Spencer said that it’s a no.

He said that Platinum Games have built great games based on their own design philosophy and hence there’s no need for Microsoft to try and modify that.

Scalebound was announced during Microsoft’s E3 press briefing a couple of months back and is an Xbox One exclusive. According to game director Hideki Kamiya, Scalebound will offer “action at a whole new scale.” At present there has been no mention of a release date.

Phil Spencer has also provided an update on Crackdown. The cloud-powered title will not be making any news for the remainder of the year. “Team is making progress but they need time before we show anything again,” said Spencer.

While that pretty much excludes Crackdown from 2014, we’ll probably get another look at Scalebound at Tokyo Game Show later this year.