Rainbow Six Siege Gets 36 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

Rainbow Six Siege was announced back at E3 by Ubisoft after the cancellation of Rainbow Six Patriots.

The game is focusing heavily on team play and realism with amazing destructible environments. Initially, the title has received positive feedback from what has been shown so far.

In the game, players form two teams containing five members each. Team Raven is the attacking Rainbow 6 SWAT team while Team Rogue are the defending hostage takers.

As you can see in the footage above, Players from Team rogue have taken a hostage inside a house and Team Raven are tasked to rescue her. You can see a variety of weapons and explosives used for the cause. Each and every wall in the house can be taken down with the help of some friendly explosives.

So it’s all up to you, there are plenty of ways in which you can engage the enemy and complete the mission. Strategize and Engage!

While being a member of Team Rogue, you will be the one under severe attack from the opposing team. Again, strategize. Barricade the windows, put barbed wire in front of the doors and prepare for combat. Preparation and communication between players is the key.

Rainbow Six Siege will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime next year and is being developed by Ubisoft on the AnvilNext Engine.