This Is What Playing Natural Doctrine Looks Like

Strategy title Natural Doctrine has received a new gameplay trailer, courtesy of NIS America. It’s still a tough as nails game, in case you’ve forgotten about that part.

In fact, there’s a quote right at the start that states this could be the Dark Souls of strategy games. That would indicate a bit of a challenge.

We’re also presented with a fair share of “Game Over” screens from various monsters dealing that final blow. There are huge golems who whip the party into submission, dragons and all sorts of malevolent creatures.

Natural Doctrine doesn’t mess around. Unlike its turn-based strategy peers in Fire Emblem, which it gets linked to periodically, the game doesn’t continue without a downed party member, instead stopping altogether.

So, to continue in the game, you’ll need to rely on some clever customization. There are specific weapons to equip with different modifiers, for starters.

What’s most impressive is the skill roster, which allows for a big range of variant play styles. Just a blip of it shows the possibility to increase the amount of attacks at the expense of accuracy or increasing the area of effect.

Moreover, certain parts of battlefield are interactive, working as destructible environment that works in your favor. Another element in the game is the use of team attacks, where you set up an elaborate approach and then gang up on enemies.

This might be the best trailer we’ve seen for Natural Doctrine so far. It manages to nicely chronicle the features of the game, because the overhead views filled with lines and circles can get a bit confusing from time. We’re a fan of this one.

Natural Doctrine will be out next month on Playstation 3, PS Vita and Playstation 4. North America can start on September 23, while Europe will need to wait until September 26.