Minecraft PS4 Version Failed Final Testing, Needs to be Fixed

4J Studios in a new tweet has revealed that the Minecraft PlayStation 4 version in its certification testing with Sony failed as they encountered some issues, which the developers will fix in the near future.

The developers submitted the final version of Minecraft PS4 to Sony on 12th of August as the game was expected to releaseĀ on new gen later this month.

Due to the bugs, 4J Studios has decided to delay the game for both the Xbox One and PS4 because they need some time to fix all of the problems.

It is good that developers have taken this decision instead of just rushing the project and delivering an incomplete game to the consumers, as it would have been more inconvenient for the fans.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 owners of Minecraft can keep playing the game as they will have option of transferring their save files to new gen consolesĀ and get to continue the game for justĀ $5.

Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One version will now see the light of day when it is completely bug free.