Metro Redux has Separate Achievement Lists For Retail and Digital Versions

According to a report on, the digital and retail versions of the upcoming Metro Redux will feature separate achievements lists.

Which means, if players buy both versions of the game ( Digital and Retail) they can earn up to 4000 gamerscore points.

It seems the disc version will come as “Metro Redux” and its achievement list is worth 2,000 GS. Where as the downloadable version of the game will be released as “Metro 2033 Redux” & “Metro: Last Light Redux” and will show up as separate games on your list, each with their own 1,000 GS.

Though an amazing opportunity for achievement hunters but the decision of this separation certainly seems strange.

The reason behind this could be linked to the digital versions of 2033 Redux and Last Light Redux being available to download separately, therefore featuring 1000G each.

In addition, when it comes to the graphics Metro has come a long way in four years. Redux has more dynamic lighting and a greater focus on contrast. The remake has also made some minor changes to gameplay such as now you can wipe off blood/water on your gas mask.

Metro Redux will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 26. Both via retail and digitally.

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