Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Multiplayer Unveiled

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain multiplayer which was showcased at Gamescom has now been released for everyone to see.

The demo in the beginning just showcases the same gameplay that we saw at E3, where Kojima revealed a walkthrough for a whole mission.

The multiplayer aspect of the game start around the 17th minute mark, as you return to the home-base but this time you are in the enemy’s territory, which means that you will be able to infiltrate the home-bases of any other player in MGS 5.

This infiltration will play like any other mission you play in the game and those of you who have played Ground Zeroes will see a lot of similarities in the gameplay.

Every home-base that you take on will be different from the other depending upon how much time the player has actually spent in making it as strong as possible.

There will be multiple gadgets that you will be able to use to get rid of Big Boss, including a camera with gun which will take him out as soon as he is spotted, also alerting the whole base of his presence.

There will also be options to improve the weaponry on your home-base by doing research so that you take on anyone who tries to infiltrate your base.

If the other player spots you, then the mission will come to an end as it is supposed to be an infiltration, which is why there is no room for mistakes.

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