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Little Big Planet 3 is Getting Thomas Was Alone Costumes Pack

If the game wasn’t already fun enough, Little Big Planet 3 will be getting a Thomas was alone costume pack. Mike Bithell the creator of Thomas was alone revealed the above image and said:

“so yeah. Thomas Was Alone LBP3 are looking a bit awesome”.

Confirmed via his Twitter account, Little Big Planet 3 will receive a special custom pack dedicated to Thomas Was Alone. The Sony Exclusive title Little Big Planet 3 will be released on November 19, 2014. The game will be available only on PS3 and PS4.

Adding to the costumes reveal, the developer said “ Fanboying out a little bit at the idea that folks’ll be able to play a little big planet game dressed as the architects”.

Furthermore, costumes in the image above are still looking pretty early in development, as this is just a concept art and hopefully things will improve over time but they should relatively look the same when they are in the game. More details regarding the pack are expected is the coming days.

If you have noticed, the cursor above the costumes are held with small springs, which give them a LBP1 feel. You can share your thoughts and views regarding the Costume pack in the comments below!