H1Z1 Fan Demonstrates Bow And Arrow Crafting, Survival Training Anyone?

H1Z1 has been getting the fans pretty excited lately with announcement of a PS4 version in addition to PC and the recently revealed inclusion of Airdrops. H1Z1 is shaping up to be a must have title.

Are you interesting in crafting your very own Bow in H1Z1?. How the crafting system will be implemented in the game is yet to be revealed but a fan of this Zombie infested title have posted a tutorial about how to make your very own Bow in real life H1Z1 like circumstances.

While he didn’t share any details about who he is but the way he worked on this project it seems that he may have had some sort of survival training.

So lets get to it. How to make your own H1Z1 inspired Bow you ask?. First you will need a knife, some strings, hand saw and some sticks.

As the guy explained, Put some bend into the stick and carve notches on both sides for the string to latch on to. Next put some tape on both sides of the stick. For the arrows he notched the back end of the arrow so it fits in the string and be aimed securely.

After the first arrow worked, he tested the bow with a thicker arrow and then a sharpened one.

He felt the need for some more grip on the arrows so he carved a four sided groove near the bottom of the arrow to work as a grip.

Furthermore, Sony Online Entertainment have found this tutorial on Reddit and have expressed their approval. Still, we don’t know if they will take some hints and inspiration from it.

H1Z1 will be released sometime this year on PS4 and PC. Share your thoughts and opinions about the story in the comments section below!