Final Fantasy Explorers Gets 3 Job Gameplay Trailers

Reports from Gematsu display multiple character introduction videos for Final Fantasy Explorers, a spinoff in the franchise that’s headed to Japan on Nintendo 3DS. Unlike most installments of the series, this game will be much more action-oriented.

Clips are short, about half a minute of gameplay each, but it should already represent the scope of the game. You’ll be given the choice of one in twenty jobs, including the shown classes for Knight, Monk and Black Mage.

Knights fight with sword and shield, which allows them to perform multiple slashes. In this clip, we also see Ifrit, one of the classic recurring summons in the series.

Monks fight unarmed, in this case as a female character. Additionally, they’ll have access to some spells, which includes a buff and the ability to teleport.

Black Mages in Final Fantasy Explorers will need to rely on their arrangement of spells, consisting of lobbed fireballs, but also lighting strikes. Status ailments will be a part of their arsenal as well.

Final Fantasy Explorers strives to become a simpler roleplaying title that dives straight into the action, so newcomers can adapt to the series. It will feature a quest system, instead of a large narrative, which brings the game a bit closer to games like Monster Hunter.

It also takes weird cues from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, a rather odd Gamecube release that sort of strayed away from the main releases a long time ago. You’ll be hunting down crystals in Final Fantasy Explorers as well.

Aside from the classes seen above, Final Fantasy Explorers will include classics like White Mage, Thief, Dragon Knight and so on. There are also some exclusive jobs for this iteration specifically, as well as the ability to train monsters.

Sorry, but Final Fantasy Explorers is currently only planned for release in Japan.