Latest The Elder Scrolls Online Update to Bring New 4-Player PvE and More

ZeniMax in a new post has talked about the future of Elder Scrolls Online as it reveals that a new PvE arena called DragonStar will be introduced to the game.

This new arena will be made for 4 players, as the group will come across different waves of enemies who will keep getting stronger.

Check out more information on the arena as described by the developers:

You’ll face combat in 10 different arenas, each deadlier than the last, avoiding environmental hazards and coordinating with your allies to try and survive the onslaught. To make it even more interesting, we’ve created both a normal and difficult mode for the Dragonstar Arena. Like in Trials, your progress will be displayed on a persistent leaderboard, and you’ll receive some excellent rewards for your success.

In addition to adding this new arena to the Elder Scrolls Online, the developers will also make combat more responsive, add new content for Craglorn, champion system will be improved for the character development & customization and a lot more.

The updates of the game are first released for Public Test Servers, where few dedicated players play the new stuff and try to find if there are any bugs or issues within the update.

When Zenimax will be sure that these new additions to the game are bug free, then they will release it for live servers in near future.

Check out the preview video above to get an idea of what’s coming next in the popular MMO.

Are you interested in 4 player PvE mode of Elder Scrolls Online?

Source: Elder Scrolls Official