Destiny: Level Cap Explained, Why Raids Have no Matchmaking, Game Progression

The recent beta test of Bungie’s Destiny gave players a fine taste of what to expect from the game, yet there were indeed quite a few things deliberately concealed from public.

At Gamescom Cologne, EuroGamer sat down with Destiny’s director of production Jonty Barnes and lead concept artist Jesse van Dijk to talk about a couple of things – primarily the game’s level cap, Raids, and game progression.

First off, let’s talk about Raids – 6 vs. 6 end-game content which is intended to be difficult and heavily focuses on communication. Now, everyone knows that in order to play Raids, one needs a group of five buddies as this game mode doesn’t support matchmaking with random players. But what about those who don’t have enough friends? Will they be deprived of playing this content?

Addressing this issue, Barnes once again stressed on the difficulty of Raids and how they demand commitment. Barnes held that Raids are designed in such a manner that if a random player decides to leave the game, the other five players won’t be able to complete it:

A raid requires six. If you’ve got five players in the raid, you’re not going to win. You’re not going to get through. I can tell you now, it’s really tough, and it’s intentionally meant to be that way. We’ve all got roles to play. So it requires a commitment of six people. That was very intentional.

Another important thing that Barnes stated is, “We’re going to see people self-organise. We’re seeing people in the Tower already gathering saying, ‘who’s going to commit for a raid?'” Now, it does seem like players will be able to talk to other players at the Tower and take on a Raid, but this is just my speculation. How this will turn out remains to be seen.

Coming to the level cap, we already know that there is a soft cap of level 20, but by salvaging Motes of Light, one can go beyond it – not beyond level 30. Barnes has confirmed that 30 is going to be the level cap in the final game.

And lastly, since the level cap is going to be 30, players won’t progress to it as quickly as they did during the beta test. Bungie deliberately sped up the progression during the beta to give players a wide exposure to most of the things that the game has to offer. Still, level 30 doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Destiny launches on Sept. 9 this year on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3.