Xbox 360: 500 GB Hard Drive Upgrade Option Revealed For $109.99

Those wishing to have additional options for upgrading their Xbox 360’s hard drive should know that Microsoft will soon be offering the opportunity to do just that with a 500 GB one.

According to a product listing on the official Xbox website, the 500 GB drive will cost consumers $109.99 and pre-orders for the device will be “coming soon”.

The figure is pretty steep since you can usually find a 500 GB hard drive in the market for half that amount. That said, the $109.99 amount is still cheaper than the existing 320 GB hard drive upgrade option which costs consumers $129.99. It’s possible that with the release of the 500 GB option, the previous one will see to a price reduction.

Currently, the Xbox 360 is only available in either 4 GB or 250 GB variations. On the other hand the newer Xbox One console features a 500 GB internal drive from the get go and also has support for additional external storage. Not to mention a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare special bundle will feature an Xbox One console with a 1 TB hard drive.

Microsoft has been asked to clarify the inclusion of the new hard drive upgrade option. We’ll probably be hearing an official announcement in the next couple of days.

Source Xbox