Star Citizen: Chris Roberts Discusses Squadron 42 Story, Flight Model, & FPS Elements

Star Citizen’s 10 for the Chairman is back with Episode #34 and RSI’s Chris Roberts has answered this week’s batch of subscribers questions – primarily revolving around flight models and Squadron 42 campaign.

When asked how the single player elements of story will be structured in the game and from where the inspiration comes from, Roberts stated:

If I was going to pitch [Squadron 42 story] to you I would say that it would be the opening of Gladiator, mix it with the Ninth Legion and Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now, all set in space.

Another thing that a subscriber asked was whether or not is it possible for someone to play the game as a pure FPS – someone who doesn’t prefer dying out in space. In response to this, Roberts stated that they are most certainly considering this possibility and more information on this will be shared down the road.

Coming to flight model, Roberts compared the current implementations and the forthcoming additive mode which is being reported to allow for inputs without auto-correct centering tendencies. The whole scenario will eventually give player more freedom of either switching to assisted flight or full 6DoF control.

To know more about each question, check out the video above!