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Phil Spencer Agrees That Xbox One Dashboard Themes Will be a Great Feature

The PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 allowed users to personalize their dashboard by letting them use custom themes & wallpapers. So far, this feature is lacking in the next-gen consoles.

Users have been very vocal this generation about what they want and fans are hoping they will see this feature added in there consoles with a simple update as soon as possible.

It’s been almost a year since Xbox One came out and it seems strange that why the company would restrict fans and not allowing such a simple design customization feature.

Xbox One’s August update is adding a host of features including activity feed update, new friends area on dashboard mobile purchases, low battery notification, disable notification while watching video, 3D blu-ray, one guide market expansion and media player among others. All impressive inclusions but no mention of custom themes.

Still, we should always keep our hopes up, shouldn’t we? So regarding custom themes, one of the fans tweeted at Phil Spencer saying “ Phil! we need some themes for our Xbox One dashboard” to which Spencer replied “ I agree. Themes would be a great feature”.

How and when will we see this feature added is not yet revealed but it’s good to see that makers of the Xbox are aware of what the fans want. Which is a wise thing to do as there console is struggling to catch up to the PS4 since launch.

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