The Sims 4 Features That Were Not There for The Sims 3

Following is a comprehensive list of content that was missing from The Sims 3, but will be available in The Sims 4 on launch day.

While the developer has gotten its fair share of flak over the omission of swimming pools and other content, let’s not take away the fact that there is still a lot of features being included in the latest installment that was not there in the previous one.

Here is the long list of all the said features being featured in The Sims 4 for the first time.


  • You can change the size and shape of any body part.
  • You can assign bromances as a kind of relationship.
  • You can use any hat with any hairstyle.
  • Boots will go over and under pants legs.
  • Leggings can go under skirts and shorts.
  • Hoodies can cover an entire Sim’s head.
  • There will be seven walk styles.
  • Aspirations have specific traits associated to them.
  • Children can have individual aspirations.
  • Sims can have five outfits.
  • Randomization has been improved.
  • There will be new search filters to find specific colors and materials.
  • You can now create children based on only one Sim.
  • You can also make siblings and parents.


  • Any outfit can be maternity wear.
  • There will be pregnancy tests and variable pregnancy lengths.
  • Maternity leave is not mandatory.
  • Pregnancy will have different shapes and sizes, based on body type.
  • Sims can give birth at home without bassinets.
  • Sims in labor can still do things like watch TV, interact, etc.
  • Children can be sad from having new siblings.
  • Children can inherit a blend of their parents’ skin tones.
  • Sims have different needs and emotions when they are pregnant.

Daily Life:

  • Sims can earn skills at video games, programming, woodworking, rocket science, and gourmet cooking.
  • Sims can pick up new careers, as comedians or tech gurus.
  • There is now a romance bar.
  • Sims can multitask.
  • Group social interactions have been modified.
  • Sims can be emotionally affected by books, paintings, and objects.
  • A Sim can itself be resurrected with a book.
  • Sims can get writers block.
  • Sims can read skill books above them, but they will be confused when they try.
  • Sims can choose to not publish the books they write, and just keep them instead.
  • Sims can self publish their books.
  • Sims good at writing can write love emails.
  • Sims can write things other than books for money. They can write screenplays, jokes, and musical compositions.
  • You can order different types of pizza.
  • You can assign roles to Sims during parties.
  • Sims can make objects from wood, including musical instrument, furniture, and statues.
  • Sims can have all the aspirations. If a Sim switches aspirations, they still retain their progress in their prior aspirations.
  • Sims can do photobombs.
  • There are three new ways to die; from hysterical laughter, from being enraged, and from feeling mortified.
  • Sims can bake birthday cakes.
  • Sims can have and be mentors.
  • There are different types of showers, that affect different emotions.
  • Sex is referred to under euphemism WooHoo. Sims can even talk to each other about WooHoo, including unsatisfying experiences, hygiene, etc.
  • Sims can purchase traits.
  • Clothing is available for any category.
  • Sims can do pushups and situps on the ground.
  • Sims can talk while sleeping.
  • Teen Sims can babysit.

Build Mode:

  • Smoke detectors and windows can be moved up and down walls.
  • You can move entire rooms.
  • You can even move the houses if you wanted.
  • You can change how high the walls are.
  • You have more roof options, such as curved roofs.
  • There can be different colored roofs on the same lot.
  • You can place columns in fences and walls.
  • You can have topiary bushes.
  • You can put TVs on flat surfaces.
  • You can add multiple windows to an entire room all at once.
  • You can use curved fences, spandrels, friezes, and roof trim on the houses you build.
  • You can add corbels to porches.
  • You can add a string course on top of your exterior walls.
  • You can have curved foundations.
  • You can have roof awnings.
  • You can connect fences to your house, by using a foundation.
  • There will be gardening boxes.

Available items in buy mode:

  • Cupcake making machine
  • Rockets
  • Chemistry lab for children
  • Giant microscope
  • Craft table for children
  • Monkeybars
  • Pirate ship for children

The Sims 4 is scheduled for release on PC on September 2.