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GameStop Offering Free Mega Evolutions For Pokemon X and Y

GameStop is hosting a promotional campaign where players will be granted an exclusive Mega Stone to evolve two particular Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y.

The two in question are Heracross and Pinsir. In order to get the normal versions, owners of Pokemon X and Y simply need to head to the Mystery Gift section in the main menu of these games, select ‘Receive Gift’, then ‘Get Via Internet’.

The two Pokemon will then be delivered to the delivery girl at any of the region’s Pokemon Centers.

As for the Free Mega Evolutions, GameStop stores across US are offering one-time use voucher codes that will unlock these exclusive Mega Stones. Pokemon X gets Heracronite to unlock Mega heracross and Pokemon Y gets Pinsirite to unlock Mega Pinsir.

Once you have the code from any store, head online and go to the Mystery Gift section again. This time select ‘Receive Gift,’ then ‘Get With Code’ and enter the voucher code.

As before they will be delivered to the delivery girl at any Pokemon Center.

Mega Evolutions were introduced in Pokemon X and Y and will be returning with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Pokemon trainers can use special items called Mega Stones to transform their critters into more powerful versions but this only lasts until the end of the battle.

Afterwards these Mega Pokemon will revert to their original forms. Mega Stones don’t get used up each time they’re activated so they can be activated in more than one battle.