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Dragon Age Inquisition Website Updated With Race, Class and Specialization Info

BioWare has updated the Dragon Age Inquisition site with a page which enables players to check out different racial, class and specialization features. And the page asks “who will you become?”.

According to the site, Each racial class will have its own unique set of skills, weapons, special moves, and story based content. As your Inquisitor grows stronger, you will be able to select a specialization. These advanced classes introduce new abilities to your combat talents.

For instance, you can create a human mage and know about the Knight Enchanter specialization, or make an elf warrior with a Champion affinity.

It seems that The Dragon Age Inquisition specialization types haven’t been fully unveiled yet, as there is still space for a few more next to the one that is described under each class type.

Every racial type in the game will get a specific bonus for example Humans will have an extra ability point to spend, Elves get a 25% defense bonus, Dwarves have a 25% bonus to defend magically and Qunari would get 50 extra health.

Obviously, you are also able switch between male or female body types. In addition, there is a gallery for each class as well, although these only seem to have one image each for the time being.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be available for all major platforms in November.