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Destiny Might Feature Custom And Private Matches After Launch

Bungie’s Upcoming Online Multiplayer First Person Shooter “Destiny” Might feature Custom and private matches.

While not available at launch, Bungie’s Jonty Barnes is not ruling out the possibility of features like this being a part of the game sometime in the future.

“It’s really about how we wanted to make sure for launch that we had the best gameplay that we could offer for the core competitive multiplayer activity,” Bungie’s Jonty Barnes said.

He further added that if the players want certain features to be a part of the game, then they will definitely prioritize the inclusion and bring the feature as soon they can.

“I think what you’ll find is that over time we’re going to see some things arrive, and I think players are going to inform our prioritisation of what features we update,”


He also mentioned that Bungie has a chance to improve upon the legacy created by Halo’s successful multiplayer with their commitment to continue the development on Destiny even after launch.

“We did a bunch of this with Hoppers [temporary playlists], I guess, in previous Halo games, but we’re on a much greater scale of potential change, if we choose to do it,” Barnes says.

The company is looking to actively improve Destiny in addition to releasing downloadable content and sequels.

The game is close to launch and Sony has also announced an exclusive destiny bundle to celebrate the release of the game, which includes a glacier white PS4 console and a copy of Bungie’s heavily anticipated title Destiny for $449 on Sep.3.

Source: TSA