Battlefield Hardline Lead Multiplayer Designer Shares New Details

In an interview with Jackfrags lead multiplayer designer for Battlefield Hardline Thad Sasser revealed some new details about the game and the reason behind its delay.

At Gamescom, two new modes for the game were shown “Hotwire” and “ Rescue”. While Hotwire is “All about high speed chases and vehicle action” as Battlefield is known to have vehicles in the multiplayer experience, Rescue on the other hand is more “competitive focused”, no respawns and features five vs five elimination style gameplay.

When asked why the game was delayed for about 6 months, Sasser replied:

“ I think there are a number of reasons and one of the biggest reasons is, we got a lot of fan feedback that’s one of the things we are here talking about today. We got a lot of feedback saying “ Hey we really think the game is fun, the theme is really exciting but you need to go future with you need to differentiate the cops and the criminals more, you need to go deeper on these things and make sure the game is more polished and more balanced and above all you need to make sure its stable.” these are the three major points we are really focusing on”

While they didn’t showed anything regarding Asymmetric weapons but the developers do have some ideas which are they planning to include in the game.

Furthermore, new weapons and gadgets that are going to be a part of the game include FMG9, MP5K, Socom16 ( as a DMR) and K10 in addition to previously revealed weapons like shotguns and the commando M4 which is now the default assault rifle as the fans requested it to be.

After a disappointing launch of Battlefield 4, (the game was filled with bugs and various other issues) it is good to see that Visceral games is not looking to rush the game and want to make sure the finished product is something worth playing.

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